The Folk Group Csutora was established in 2000 by the action of some people to preserve Hungarian traditions. The Group was named after a drinking flask made of wood. The mission of Csutora is to promote Hungarian folkdance and folkmusic tradition and educate a “New Generation” The time of Csutora’s programme reaches 90 minutes, which contains different dances from the Carpathian Basin.


The Group Csutora has participated at very important national and international manifestations. – International Folkdance Festival

  • Győr (2001/2002/2003/2004)
  • Floral Carnival – Győr (200/2004)
  • International Folkdance Festival – Poland (2002), Italy (2003), Austria (2003), Greece (2004), Slovakia (2004)

Every summer “Csutora” organize international folklore camp in a village, Győrújbarát where the participants can preserve folkdance, folkmusic and handicraft tradition.